Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra - Norway

The Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra (COAT) platform covers two sites in the Norwegian terrestrial arctic - low-arctic Varanger Peninsula and high-arctic Svalbard. Long-term monitoring and research on tundra ecosystems are conducted on these sites.

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Publisher Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra
Contributor DEIMS-SDR Site and Dataset registry
Publication Year 2016
Rights No conditions apply to access and use; The COAT Data Portal hosts ecological and climatic primary monitoring data from COATs monitoring sites in high-arctic (Svalbard) and low-arctic (Varanger) tundra, as well as certain prioritized data from outside these regions. In addition, the COAT Data Portal contains a number of secondary (derived) data sets, termed COAT state variables, which are calculated from primary data originating either from within COAT or requested from other data repositories. The state variables are the primary input to the quantitative analysis and predictive modelling performed in COAT. In COAT we aim to publish all research data unless limited by either privacy or license restrictions. This means that the majority of COAT data are distributed under the Creative Commons Public License (CC BY 4.0). Our commitment to data access includes the provision of metadata to enable data users to assess the content and significance of the data they download, as well as codes necessary to produce the summary analyses, tables and plots that in time will be provided on the COAT web site.
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Spatial Coverage (11.316W, 69.582S, 31.157E, 79.086N)