Lokaal arbeidsmarktbeleid 1990-1991

Analysis of differences in - and effectiveness of local labour market policies. This study contains the following statistical data for the Dutch municipalities in 1990: municipality code / estimated labour force 1988 / aggregated estimated labour force 1988 / name / GIRUG region code / inhabitants 1-1-89 / unemployment ratio / acres public parks and gardens / expenses for unemployment policy (per capita) / expenses for economic policy (per capita) / WGR areas / surface built-up area / nodal area code / province / unemployed 1988 aggregated / number of jobs 1989, 1990 / idem aggregated / municipal regroupment / unemployed 1990, 1991 / idem aggregated / estimated efforts economic policy, aggregated / unemployed 1988 / proportion of political left aldermen.

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-xcx-vp9p
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Creator Dam, M.J.E.M. van, Interuniversitair centrum theorievorming en methodenontwikkeling sociologie, ICS * Utrecht (primary investigator)
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Publication Year 2007
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