AGCV: CERRADO - Brasília, APA Gama Cabeça de Veado - Brazil

The “Área de Proteção Ambiental das Bacias do Gama e Cabeça de Veado” (AGCV) is located in the central area of the Cerrado domain in Brazil. This area of environmental protection is important due to its strategic localization as a buffer area between urban areas and the natural environments in DF, and by harboring hydric resources from two basins. There are three contiguous conservation units located inside the AGCV: Estação Ecológica do Jardim Botânico de Brasília (EEJBB; Ecologica Station of the Botanic Garden of Brasilia), the Reserva Ecológica do Roncador - IBGE (Recor - IBGE; Roncador Ecological Reserve) and Fazenda Água Limpa (FAL; Agua Limpa Farm, the ecological and agricultural field station of the Universidade de Brasília. In addition to those there is a contiguous 5,000-h area which is well-preserved, locally known as Alpha area. This latter and the three other conservation units are located 25 km SW of Brasília, Federal District, and together comprise about 15,000 ha in the core part of the Cerrado domain. A mosaic of Cerrado vegetation, including open vegetation, typical savanna formations, and forests occur in the region.

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