Tatra National Park (Poland) - PLANNED nature monitoring - Natura 2000 habitats

PLANNED (as of August 2016) regular monitoring activities of the Park's Natura 2000 habitats are specified in the new Park Protection Plan (currently in the final project stage, pending final approval and implementation resolution by the Minister of Environment). They'll altogether comprise 32 habitats of Community Importance occurring in the Park, both forest and non-forest. The planned monitoring regime will involve appropriate monitoring grid/s of various resolutions (500, 250, 100, 1000 m - depending on the habitat) and established permanent observation plots according to the national biodiversity monitoring methodology applied countrywide by the Polish Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (GIOŚ). The temporal regime: mostly every 5-6 years (sometimes every 3, 4 or 2 years). Usually the chief monitored parameter will be area of the habitat and its state (Natura 2000: FV, U1, U2), in some cases also presence and influence of invasive alien species.
For the purpose of the Park's Protection Plan, nature inventory and assessment of the state of the above-mentioned 32 habitats, i.e. FV or U1 (no U2s or XXs, luckily) related to (a) habitat area, (b) habitat structure and function, and (c) future prospect - plus (d) the cumulative value - was conducted.

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