Anansi Masters - Curacao G09 - Telijeune, Arnold - Nanzi and Turtle

Nanzi and Turtle told by Arnold Telijeune, recorded on video for the Anansi Masters project in Curacao.

Subject: A taste of his own medicine

Description: When Turtle comes to have dinner at Nanzi's, he gets nothing and vice versa.

Content: Nanzi was harvesting sweet patatoes. Turtle would not mind having some too. When Nanzi is ready with cooking dinner, Turtle joins him. But Nanzi tells Turtle to wash his hands and while doing so, he eats all sweet patatoes. Then Turtle invites Nanzi to come and eat fish in his pond. Nanzi can not succeed to sink to the bottom of the pond. Finally he takes some rocks and put these in his hat which make him sink to the bottom. But Turtle tells him to take off his hat at the table. Nanzi surfaces again and does not manage to eat.

About Anansi Masters: The Anansi Masters project is developed by Vista Far Reaching Visuals (Mr. Jean Hellwig) and partners. It is designed as a public digital platform at and opened in 2007. At the website one can find information about the story character of Nanzi (or Anansi or Kweku Ananse), with English and Dutch subtitled video recordings of storytelling in several countries in different languages, educational modules about storytelling for use at schools and academies, and digital issues of the Anansi Masters Journal published since the beginning of the project. All storytelling videos are also published on Youtube. The stories of the Anansi tradition originate in Africa and were exported to other parts of the world through slave trade and migration. In Anansi Masters, the similarities and differences between the stories and storytellers, who tell in their own language, can be found. Anansi Masters initiates different activities all over the world where stories from this oral tradition can be found. The founder has the ambition to film as many stories from this tradition as possible in as many countries as possible. Anansi Masters collaborates with writers, theatre makers, filmmakers, researchers, schools and of course with many many storytellers.

This dataset refers to: - the video recording of the storytelling with English subtitles - the video recording of the storytelling with Dutch subtitles - the video recording of the short interview with the storyteller with English subtitles - the video recording of the short interview with the storyteller with Dutch subtitles - a text datasheet with information about the stortyteller and story in English and Dutch

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