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  • Fürstenfeld (FF) - Austria

    The site is situated in the East Styrian lowlands and hills, the woodland community being an Oak-Hornbeam forest and was established in 1997. The main research questions center...
  • Lange Bramke - Germany

    Forest Hydrological Research Basin Lange Bramke
  • Solling - Germany

    Solling Experimental Forest
  • Värriö Research Station (Värriö LTER) - Finland

    Värriö Subarctic Research Station is located in the Värriö Strict Nature Reserve, Eastern Lapland, in the northern corner of the municipality of Salla. The station represents...
  • Ehrhorn intensive monitoring site - Germany

    Quercus robur and Pinus silvestris forests on glacio-fluvial sediments
  • Baileux - La Sormone - Belgium

    The site comprises 4 plots installed in an oak and beech forest of 60 ha: 2 plots are in pure stands dominated either by oak (1.22 ha) or by beech (0.88 ha) and the two other...
  • Dinghu Mountain Research of Forest Ecosystem - China

    DHS has well protected monsoon evergreen broadleaf forest and its successional forests. Therefore, DHS is an ideal place to research successional processes and patterns of...
  • Sani Environmental Observatory - Greece

    The Sani Environmental Observatory (S.E.O.) is located within a mature, near-coastal Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis L.) ecosystem at the peninsula of Kassandra, in Chalkidiki,...
  • Swiss Canopy Crane II - Switzerland

    The Swiss Canopy Crane site II is located in in the eastern part of the Swiss Jura mountains (47°26’16.4’’, 7°46’31.1’’; 540 m a.s.l.), in a mixed, temperate forest with an...
  • Kdoshim (KDO) - Israel

    The Kedoshim-forest Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) is an experimental set up established in 2008 in a mature Pinus halepensis forest. This long-term research was designed...
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