The 3CR Chandra snapshot survey: 1<z<1.5

The aim of this paper is to present an analysis of newly acquired X-ray observations of 16 extragalactic radio sources listed in the Third Cambridge Revised (3CR) catalog and not previously observed by Chandra. Observations were performed during Chandra Cycle 17, extending X-ray coverage for the 3CR extragalactic catalog up to z=1.5. Among the 16 targets, two lie at z<0.5 (3CR 27 at z=0.184 and 3CR 69 at z=0.458); all of the remaining 14 have redshifts between 1.0 and 1.5. In the current sample, there are three compact steep spectrum (CSS) sources, three quasars, and an FR I radio galaxy, while the other nine are FR II radio galaxies. All radio sources have an X-ray counterpart. We measured nuclear X-ray fluxes as well as X-ray emission associated with radio jet knots, hotspots, or lobes in three energy bands: soft (0.5-1keV), medium (1-2keV), and hard (2-7keV). We also performed standard X-ray spectral analysis for the four brightest nuclei. We discovered X-ray emission associated with the radio lobe of 3CR 124, a hotspot of the quasar 3CR 220.2, another hotspot of the radio galaxy 3CR 238, and the jet knot of 3CR 297. We also detected extended X-ray emission around the nuclear region of 3CR124 and 3CR297 on scales of several tens of kiloparsecs. Finally, we present an update on the X-ray observations performed with Chandra and XMM-Newton on the entire 3CR extragalactic catalog.

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Creator Stuardi C.; Missaglia V.; Massaro F.; Ricci F.; Liuzzo E.; Paggi A.; Kraft R.P.; Tremblay G.R.; Baum S.A.; O'Dea C.P.; Wilkes B.J.; Kuraszkiewicz J.; Forman W.R.; Harris D.E.
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