Globalization and Indian Poverty

Globalization started in india in 1991 is done. Today we are in the age of globalization living. Globalization means market access, trade growth, agricultural development, job creation means the country fulfilling the objective of accelerating overall development is a new experiment made by the world. Of india from the very beginning, the experiment of globalization in context opposition, as well as support from many intellectuals, is great is done in proportion. Globalization in india today accepted for more than 25 years. Favorable for india as well as in some areas the opposite effect can be seen in globalization due to this industry and trade sector in the country, you see the prosperity. Here is the information the field of technology has developed a lot and at present, this sector is also ahead in terms of employing the agricultural sector in the country was ahead. She is currently considering employment in the country has been declining since 2014 and as a result, adverse effects on poverty in the country are living. Poverty is an issue related to purchasing power and the purchasing power of people in the country decreases every day. This is happening because the high level of employment in the country is declining.

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