Celebration of 28 October 1933 in Mladá Boleslav


Segment from the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic held on Old Town Square in Mladá Boleslav. A ceremonial line-up of the local military garrison. General Šípek delivers a speech before the municipal council, soldiers and inhabitants of the town. This is followed by a parade through the town, attended by the troops, representatives of the Sokol community, the local fire brigade, the gendarmerie, nurses and members of other town associations. Footage from a footrace through the streets of Mladá Boleslav to the Monument to the Fallen, won by Mr Mlejnek. Footage from the celebration in Kosmonosy, the place linked with the ground-breaking ceremony for the Resistance Memorial. The ceremony was attended by representatives of local associations and corporations as well as the county association of Czechoslovak legionnaires.

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