Schorfheide-Chorin - Germany

The UNESCO-biosphere reserve „Schorfheide-Chorin“ was established in 1990 over an area of approx. 1.300 square kilometres, and is one of the largest protected areas in Germany. Situated in the North-eastern part of Brandenburg, including a major part of the regions Uckermark and Barnim, it represents an impressive cultural landscape with more than 320 lakes, thousands of bogs and mires, extended forests, meadows and arable land. The so-called Schorfheide and the Chorin end moraine curve are two different landscapes, seen under a culture-historical aspect. The Schorfheide stretches along the west side of the motor way A 11 (Berlin-Poland). The Chorin end moraine curve extends East of the motor way. 75 communities and three small towns (Oderberg, Joachimsthal and Greiffenberg) with a total of 35.000 residents are situated in the protected area. The main concept behind the biosphere reserve is the consideration of human impact on the land. It is meant to encourage producers to work in a sustainable manner. Thus, 79 % of the area can be used by man. To protect natural resources, priority is given to organic agriculture and forestry and to an extensive-pasture economy. One of the most important supporting partners is the association “Kulturlandschaft Uckermark e.V.” (For promotion of the Cultural landscape Uckermark)

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