Culturele Veranderingen in Nederland 1995 - CV'95 Cultural changes in the Netherlands 1995 - CV'95

Trend study on changes in general opinions and attitudes of the Dutch population. The international part of the survey has the environment and national versus international orientation as topical focus.

Oral interview: unpaid voluntary job, unpaid social support to others / willingness to work shorter hours ( in exchange for cut in payment ) / job satisfaction / satisfaction with life / prosperity, private and national, future expectations / most important national socio-economic issues / role of government in: socio-economic equality, public services, education, housing, environment / level of government spending / taxation / personal life: worries, satisfaction with housing, work, health, marriage / satisfaction with income, future expectations / social benefits: expected future levels, satisfaction in general and with specific benefits: AOW, ABW, WW, AWW, WAO, AAW, ZW/ estimated abuse in general and for specific benefits / policy alternatives social security system: minimalization ( mini-stelsel ) , basic income ( basisinkomen ) , forced public service for the unemployed / preferred relationship between levels of: social benefits, wages, cost of living, minimum wage ( koppeling ) / differences in income and property / worker's say / basic rights / civil rights, freedom of expression, strike, social action / education: equality of chances, educational policy / elderly: pensions, financial and social position, work, characteristics compared with youth, discrimination / generation gap: differences in opinion between generations, their values and beliefs, tolerance towards other generations / religion: religiousness, involvement in church activities / most important goal in life / family life: mode of cohabitation, children, child care, working mothers, gender roles / having children: acceptance of ( not ) having children in specific situations, in vitro fertilization, gender selection of baby / euthanasia / freedom and autonomy for children / extramarital permissiveness / crime, justice, safety: perceived increase in crime rate, punishment, use of drugs / social participation / politics: exposure to political items on television and in newspapers, reading about local politics, political preferences, activity and interest, sense of political efficacy, democratic attitude, political goals, ( acceptance of ) political activism, opinion leadership / environment, pollution: efficiency of measures, own behaviour and specific activities, willingness to pay for cleaner environment, energy saving measures, attitude towards environmental problems / ethnocentrism, cultural and ethnic minorities, foreigners, racism, discrimination, immigration policy, acculturation / appreciation of big cities / attitudes towards various topics: social inequality, abortion, role of government, emancipation of women, income levels, immigration / rating of government policy in several fields, satisfaction with government. Self administered questionnaire ( International part ): localism, nationalism, international orientation / national pride, patriotism / acculturation of minorities / perceived relation immigrants and: crime rates, economic growth, unemployment, cultural innovation / immigration level / political refugees / having lived abroad / home language, mother tongue / other foreign languages spoken / ethnic background / knowledge of and attitude towards European Union / opinion on: easier naturalization for immigrants, stricter measures against illegal immigrants. Background variables: basic characteristics/ place of birth/ residence/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ social class/ politics/ religion/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership.

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