Tijdsbestedingsonderzoek 1995 - TBO 1995

Way in which the Dutch population, from the age of twelve years and older, are spending their time. The data were collected by means of an interview and the distribution of time budget diaries among the same respondents. During one week respondents had to use the time budget diary to report about the time spent at the following types of activities: work (travelling time included), domestic work, taking care of children, shopping (visits to haircutter, doctor, post-office, bank etc. included), personal needs, education, religious and political activities, leisure, social and cultural life, sports, listening to the radio, watching tv, computer activities, talking, and reading. The interview is covering the same activities/ some specific questions: teleshopping, use of air miles, membership public library and-or book club, Internet connection. Background variables: basic characteristics/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ politics/ religion/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zj4-ermt
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Publication Year 2010
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