FEM growth and yield data monocultures - Other species (revised version)

In this version 13 new plots of White elder and 13 new plots of Sitka spruce were added, both from the collection of the former Stichting Industriehout. This database is part of the FEM growth and yield database, a collection of growth and yield data from even-aged monocultures.

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-x7w-e8hf
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Creator Goudzwaard, L. (Wageningen University, Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group); Jansen, J.J. (Wageningen University, Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group); Oosterbaan, A. (Wageningen UR, Alterra, Natuur en Samenleving); Oldenburger, J.F. (Probos Wageningen); Boosten, M. (Probos Wageningen); Mohren, G.M. (Wageningen University, Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group); Ouden, J. den (Wageningen University, Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group)
Publisher Wageningen University & Research
Publication Year 2018
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