LTSER Zone Atelier Bassin du Rhône - France

The LTSER platform Zone Atelier Bassin du Rhône belongs to LTER-France network and is located in south eastern France, ranging from the Alp mountains to the Camargue delta, in the mediterannean sea. The LTSER focus on aquatic continental ecosystems (lakes, rivers and wetlands) from alpin to mediterannean climats. The ZABR aims at elucidating the relationship between a large river, the Rhône river, its channel and associated ecosystems and the societies established in its landscape, using a multidisciplinary approach. Research topics include physical and chimical characteristics, ecosystem dynamics, sociological studies. Long term changes in ecological processing and pollution are taken into account using paleoecological studies. Perception of the natural and anthropised environment are considered through geographical and sociological studies.

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Creator Anne Clemens
Publisher Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe
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Publication Year 2012
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Discipline Environmental Research; Geosciences; Land Use; Natural Sciences
Spatial Coverage (4.170W, 43.200S, 8.230E, 46.180N)