Dr. Ambedkar's State Socialism and Agricultural Economic Policy

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a great economist of modern India. He was a great son of Mother India. He is well known as the architect of the Indian Constitution. He excelled in various disciplines, from jurisprudence, sociology, political science to anthropology and comparative theology, and gained scholarly recognition. ‘He was also recognized as a great social reformer, human rights activist, savior of the downtrodden, academician, MP, and journalist.’Although agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, it has not been able to provide a secure livelihood for the majority of the population. Despite the ability of Indian agriculture to feed one-third of the Indian population, agriculture has not progressed. Dr. Land reform, land fragmentation, and partition are important issues in Ambedkar's economic thinking. In order to solve the problems of creation in the case of Indian agriculture, Dr. Ambedkar introduced land consolidation, collective farming, etc. Similar measures are stated. Dr. Ambedkar had emphasized the nationalization of agriculture to solve the problems related to agriculture. ‘Nationalization of agriculture will eliminate economic slavery and help create an economically prosperous state. Practicing community farming will help increase productivity in agriculture. It will help in increasing the efficiency of the workers and agricultural laborers and their economic development. By raising the living standards of the farmers, they will get economic prosperity. 'All the above thoughts are important and shed light on the country's economy. Without the industrialization of agriculture, the problem of landless laborers will not be solved, said Dr. Ambedkar had an opinion. The separation of industries from agriculture is dangerous for the economy. The problem of farmers will be solved only if the agro-processing industries are expanded along with agriculture. "Industrialization, especially in rural areas, as well as improved agriculture will be used to provide employment to the workers of the country," he said. Ambedkar always thought so. Dr. Ambedkar has treated various questions of agriculture from an economic point of view. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

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