West Polesie Biosphere Reserve - Poland

The 'West Polesie' Biosphere Reserve has been created in 2002. Reserve area (140 000 ha) covers almost whole Łęczna-Włodawa Lake District as well as its near vicinity. It is situated about 40 km north-east of Lublin adjacent to Ukraine’s Shatski Biosphere Reserve. West Polesie includes Poleski National Park, three Landscape Parks: Sobiborski, Łęczna Lake District and Chełmski. The most important protected area in the Reserve is Poleski National Park, with natural resources of lakes (e.g. Łukie, Moszne, Długie) and peatbogs (Orłowskie, Durne Bagno, Bagno Bubnów). Many kinds of endangered species of fauna and flora can be found in the West Polesie area. Villages in this rural area show many examples of traditional wooden architecture and still maintain a cultural and folklore life. The 'West Polesie' Biosphere Reserve is located in the eastern part of Lubelskie voivodship and consist 25 administrative units (3 towns and 22 communes).

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