Kenmerken en achtergronden van de WW-aanvrager PES 2/7 1992-1994

PES-2/7 ( Project Evaluatie Stelselherziening / Evaluation of the revision of the Dutch social security system ) investigates the position of clients of the Unemployment Insurance Act ( WW / Werkloosheidswet ) in the period 1992 to 1994. Two cohorts of applicants for an unemployment benefit were followed for 18 months at maximum. Both cohorts were interviewed twice with an interval that differed according to their intermediate employment status. Administrative data from relevant registrations were gathered twice too. The combined dataset contains all data from both cohorts. Cohorts can be distinguished by the variable MAAND. The various measurements can be inferred from the naming conventions of the variables: Xnumber = first interview, Ynumber= second interview (8th month after application), Znumber = second interview (18th month after application), Dnumber = first registration data (7th month after application), DTnumber = second registration data (18th month after application). Identical variables have the same number. application for unemployment benefit / employment situation previous / occupational career / additional jobs / income from social security benefits compared to last salary earned / unemployment / role of GMD ( Gemeenschappelijke Medische Dienst / Communal Medical Service ) / role of ergonomist / suitable employment / job seeking history / applications for job / GAB ( Gewestelijk Arbeidsbureau / Regional Labour Exchange ) / reasons for not being hired / reasons for refusing job / reasons for not seeking job / future job seeking plans / if reemployed: detailed data on current employment situation, job satisfaction, current financial situation, income / financial requisites for accepting a job / chances of finding a job / health, complaints / VOEG ( Vragenlijst Onderzoek Ervaren Gezondheid / standard health questionnaire, short version ) / social activity, participation / voluntary work / social contacts / work ethos , perception of and attitude regarding work and unemployment / social justice / height of social premiums and benefits justified ? / correct treatment by official institutions / opinions on Dutch social security system / opinions on duties of benefit receivers / political left-right selfrating / left-right rating of political parties / obstacles for accepting a job / household situation / income / financial situation / regular expenses for housing / satisfaction with the amount of unemployment money / economizing / ending or suspending of benefit / sanctions / cuts / reason for not getting benefit / satisfaction with procedure / problems with contact with GAK or BV ( Bedrijfsvereniging / industrial insurance board ) / opinion on tasks of GAK and BV / help received from GAK or BV / assessment of reasonable income / financial position, debts, savings / ( extra ) schooling and education / discharge / resignation / financial care for children / disablement benefits / extra benefits ( Toeslagenwet ) / work-sheets ( werkbriefjes ). Background variables: basic characteristics/ place of birth/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ characteristics of parental family/household/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ politics

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