Publiek van de Nederlandse musea 1989

The public and the approach of the public in Dutch museums. This survey is based on existing data on visitors of museums, from surveys that were held during the period of 1954-1988. In addition a new survey was done in 1989: staff members of the museums were questioned about the situation in their museum at the time of the earlier surveys. Description of visitors / size of museum / number of visitors / entrance fees / content of exhibition / presentation of exhibition / advertising and public relations.

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Contributor Ministerie van welzijn, volksgezondheid en cultuur, WVC * Rijswijk (research initiator); Committee for education and cultural action (CECA); International council of museums (ICOM); Stichting centrum voor onderwijsonderzoek, Kohnstam Instituut, Universiteit van Amsterdam SCO * Amsterdam (data collector); Vakgroep sociologie, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht (UU)
Publication Year 2007
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