Krkonose/Karkonosze - Czechia

The Krkonoše Mts. are the highest Hercynian mountains and are situated close to the 50°N and creates a natural mountain ridge, which stops the humid and cold west winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean. As a consequence, there is a high precipitation and low average temperature in the Krkonoše Mts and therefore, the climate is more humid, rougher and colder than in the Tatra Mts. or the Bohemian Forest, and has a strong oceanic character.

The living nature is divided into several altitude vegetation belts on the slopes of the Krkonoše Mts. They are a result of many different natural conditions – latitude, altitude, geological bedrock, orientation and decline of the slopes, temperature, precipitation, wind currents, snow cover and avalanche activity. Several different species of herbs and woody plants prevail in certain altitudinal belt and determine the overall character of the particular place. There are four of the usual six vegetation belts in Krkonoše Mts.: submontane, montane, subalpine and alpine.

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