Lagrangian and Eulerian dataset of flow over a circular cylinder at Reynolds number 3900


The current dataset contains Eulerian velocity and pressure fields, and Lagrangian particle trajectories of the wake downstream of a smooth cylinder at a Reynolds number equal to 3900. The open-access Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) code Incompact3d was used to calculate the Eulerian field around the cylinder. Trajectories of roughly 200,000 particles for two sub-domains are available. This dataset can be used as a test case for tracking algorithm assessment, exploring the physics of Lagrangian particles, statistic analyses, data assimilation and machine learning interests.

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Creator RAHIMI KHOJASTEH, Ali ORCID logo; LAIZET, Sylvain ORCID logo; HEITZ, Dominique ORCID logo; YANG, Yin
Publisher Recherche Data Gouv
Contributor HEITZ, Dominique
Publication Year 2021
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Contact HEITZ, Dominique (INRAE)
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