(Table 1) Primary production and chlorophyll a concentration in the Northeastern Tropical Atlantic


Results of simultaneous determinations of chlorophyll "a" concentrations and primary production in the northeastern part of the Tropical Atlantic in spring 1977 are discussed. Primary production was low (250-350 mg C/m2/day in the open parts of the ocean and high (600-1500 mg C/m2/day) mainly in zones of current divergences and coastal region of the West Africa. Chlorophyll "a" concentration throughout the euphotic zone varied from 6 to 36 mg/m3 and in the surface layer from 0.05 to 0.60 mg/m3. Uneven distribution of primary production is due to physiological condition of phytoplankton.

Supplement to: Berseneva, G P (1981): Primary production and the chlorophyll "a" concentration in the eastern part of the Tropical Atlantic. Oceanology, 21(2), 243-246

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