Interview John den Besten on Grenzeloze Inhoud (audio)

This interview with John den Besten is in reference to his design and execution of the suitcases used in Grenzeloze Inhoud, a traveling exhibition of a set of 12 artworks created by different artists. Through this interview, it is hoped that the purpose, process of planning, exhibition, and reception of the artworks during the 1980s can be better understood and provide insight for conservation.

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Creator Loh, E.K.M. (University of Amsterdam); Evelein, F.H. (University of Amsterdam); Stigter, S. (University of Amsterdam); Soulioti, M.A. (University of Amsterdam); Ducimetière, M.S. (University of Amsterdam); Voogd, M. (University of Amsterdam); Jansen, E.M. (University of Amsterdam); Vermaat, S.T.; de Groot, S.; Neevel, H.; van den Berg, K. J.; Kievits, R.
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Publication Year 2021
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