Hydrothermal cleft monazite SIMS Th-Pb age data, central Alps


Ion probe (SIMS) Th-Pb age measurements of hydrothermal fissure/cleft monazite from the central Alps. The sample area encompasses most of the Lepontine metamorphic dome, the eastern Rhone-Simplon Line, southern Gotthard Nappe and the Forcola Fault.The ages directly date deformation during part of the exhumation and cooling history of the Lepontine dome and deformation along the Rhone-Simplon fault zone. The ages of all crystals range from ca. 19 to 5 Ma, with age distribution and internal crystal structure facilitating to distinguish between areas whose deformational history was dominated by distinct tectonic events or continuous exhumation.

(1) The measurement of ²⁰⁴Pb is subject to an unresolvable molecular interference by ²³²Th¹⁴³Nd¹⁶O₂, which may result in an overestimation of common Pb concentrations. A correction was applied whenever the ²³²Th¹⁴³Nd¹⁶O₂ signal at mass 203.5 exceeded the average background signal on the ion-counting detector by three times its standard deviation.(2) The f208 value is the percentage of unradiogenic/common lead ²⁰⁸Pb of the measurement's total ²⁰⁸Pb.

Supplement to: Bergemann, Christian A; Gnos, Edwin; Berger, Alfons; Janots, Emilie; Whitehouse, Martin J (2020): Dating tectonic activity in the Lepontine Dome and Rhone-Simplon Fault regions through hydrothermal monazite-(Ce). Solid Earth, 11(1), 199-222

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