Hot and cold smells: Odor-temperature associations across cultures (Maniq, Thai, Dutch)

This is a dataset of an experimental study examining cross-modal associations between odors and temperatures in three cultures: Maniq (N=11) recruited at a forest campsite in the area of Manang district, Satun, Thai (N=24) recruited at the Ubon Ratchathani University and Kasetsart University (Bangkok), and Dutch (N=24) recruited at the Radboud University (Nijmegen). Participants carried out an odor-to-temperature matching task. The task was to sniff an odor and match it to a corresponding temperature, i.e., touch a cup filled with either warm or cold water. The task was administered twice, with an average break of 2 hours in between the two blocks, to check for consistency of odor-temperature matches over time. After the matching tasks, participants smelled the odors again and provided smell descriptions in their native languages. They also rated the odors for familiarity using a 3-point scale (1 = unfamiliar, 2 = somewhat familiar, 3 = familiar). The file "Odor-temperature_matching_task" (xls file) contains responses recorded in the matching task. The file "Naming_task" (xls file) contains the category of the responses (abstract smell term, source-based) provided by the participants in the odor naming task. Files are included as csv files as well. All "other" responses have been excluded from the analysis and are not part of the dataset.

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Creator Wnuk, E.M. (Radboud University); Valk, J.M. de (Radboud University); Huisman, J.L.A. (Radboud University); Majid, A. (Radboud University)
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Spatial Coverage Bangkok, Thailand; Manang district, Satun province, Thailand; Nijmegen, the Netherlands; Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand