Culturele Veranderingen in Nederland 2002 - CV'02 Cultural changes in the Netherlands 2002 - CV'02

Trend study on changes in general opinions and attitudes of the Dutch population regarding a wide range of topics.

Face to face interview: Opinion on government plans to postpone retiring age / working without financial necessity / sidejobs of pupils and students / working after age 65 / early retirement - VUT - schemes / expected retirement age / volunteer work / most important socio-political issues / economic expectations / economic crisis / government expenditure / trust in people / loneliness / personal worries : financial, politics, health, family, future, unemployment / concern with: Twin Tower attack, Pim Fortuyn murder, Srebrenica report, Enschede firework disaster, Volendam cafe fire, foot - and mouth disease crisis, BSE crisis / life satisfaction (compared to 3 years ago) / role of the family / same sex marriage / adoption rights homosexuals / second home: ownership, residence / pets: dog-, cat-ownership, attachment / satifaction with income / satisfaction with government policies affecting income / satisfaction with social security schemes ( AOW, ABW, WW, ANW, WAO etc. ) / differences in income and ownership / religion, religiousness / tolerance towards various religions and sects / school denomination / religious principles in politics / belief system / women and work / sex role differences / career possibilities women / immigrants / crime / punishment/ drug addicts / capital punishment / sexual crime / politics / say in local and regional policy / left - right selfrating / progressive - conservative / liberal / socialist / shift towards individualistic attitude / voting / political party preference / reading and TV viewing political matters / political interest / party membership / sense of political efficacy / choosing prime minister and mayors directly / importance of referendum / relative importance of various political issues: law and order, democracy, prices, freedom of speech, economic growth, strong defense, local democracy, town and country planning, economic stability, criminality, more friendly society, less materialistic society, unemployment, environment, social security, reception of immigrants / political activism / union membership / taxation / immigrants, foreigners, allochtonous groups, ethnic minorities, discrimination, racism, adaptation of immigrants, admission policy, freedom of speech imams / evaluation government policy regarding: care of elderly, health care, arts and culture, sports and leisure, general education, vocational training, law and order, social security, employment, environment, prices, quality of city-life, immigration, child-care / satisfaction with current government / local ( municipality level ) politics / computer ownership / Internet use.

Drop off questionnaire: ( frequency of ) contacts with close family members / friendships / social contacts / group contacts / social activities / contacts preferred for help in general, lending money, mental support / helping others / characteristics of a real friend / happiness / trust in people / working women / gender roles / marriage / children / division of responsibilities within household / ( time spent on ) household activities / decision making in household affairs / stress / fatigue / satisfaction with work and family life / work / employment / acceptability of: tax evasion, misuse of social security, pre- or extra-marital sex, abortion. Data further contain a wide range of demographic variables, including: sex, age, marital status, employment situation, financial situation, household characteristics.

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