Ouderen in instellingen 1996 - OII 1996

This study aims at picturing the life situation and the use of social and cultural facilities of elderly living in institutions in the Netherlands. Separate measuring instruments were used for those in old people's homes, in nursing homes and in psychiatric hospitals or psycho-geriatric wards. Data on the institutions were also collected and if the sampled person was not able to respond, information was obtained from "proxi's" ( mostly closest relatives ). Housing facilities / help with household chores / use of Pas 65+ ( reduction card for the aged ) / use of public traffic reduction cards / detailed data on health / handicaps / proficiency in daily activities, need for help, type of helpers, amount of help required from institutional staff / physical abilities / use of aids for moving, audio-visual aids, wheelchair / sports, fitness / visiting outside attractions / use of cultural facilities / recreational activities / holidays / media use / television viewing behaviour / family contacts / transport: ways used, financial aspects / loneliness, feelings of wellbeing, depression / medical consumption / hospitalization / medical insurance / financial situation / financial help required / insurances / reasons to move to institution / attitudes towards living in the institution, evaluation / knowledge of alternative forms of care for the aged. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ politics/ religion/ consumption of durables/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership

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