Ontwikkelingen van individuele verschillen in leesvaardigheid 1991-1994

Differences in literacy related to individual differences. P1295a is the data file about pupils with imputation for the missing data, P1295b is the same file without imputation and P1295c is the data file about schools. P1295a and P1295b: school number / phonics, sound-word analysis / non verbal Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ) / letter recognition, word recognition / passive and active vocabulary, verbal working memory / decoding / listening comprehension / reading outside school / reading comprehension / functional reading / reading behaviour of parents: visits library, reading nr. of newspapers, magazines, books P1295c: reading lessons / contacts with parents / headship / handling individual differences in reading of pupils / nr. of years teaching experience / testing of pupils / percentage of pupils with Dutch not as mothertongue. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-x6z-qk42
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Publication Year 2007
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