74MHz VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey Redux (VLSSr)

We present the results of a recent re-reduction of the data from the Very Large Array (VLA) Low-frequency Sky Survey (VLSS). We used the VLSS catalogue as a sky model to correct the ionospheric distortions in the data and create a new set of sky maps and corresponding catalogue at 73.8MHz. The VLSS Redux (VLSSr) has a resolution of 75", and an average map rms noise level of {sigma}~0.1Jy/beam. The clean bias is 0.66x{sigma} and the theoretical largest angular size is 36'. Six previously unimaged fields are included in the VLSSr, which has an unbroken sky coverage over 9.3sr above an irregular southern boundary. The final catalogue includes 92964 sources. The VLSSr improves upon the original VLSS in a number of areas including imaging of large sources, image sensitivity, and clean bias; however the most critical improvement is the replacement of an inaccurate primary beam correction which caused source flux errors which vary as a function of radius to nearest pointing centre in the VLSS.

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