Worldview and quality of life of older Dutch adults 2016 A quantitative survey of worldview, quality of life, narrative foreclosure, interpretation of death and attitudes toward medical interventions in the timing of death among older Dutch adults

The survey was conducted in 2016 among 356 older Dutch adults. It contains the following questionnaires: the general self-efficacy scale (GSE), the narrative foreclosure scale (NF), the EQ-5D-5L scale (health-related quality of life), the ICECAP-O scale (the ICEpop (Investigating Choice Experiments for the Preferences of Older People) CAPability measure for Older people), the Interpretation Of Death (IOD) scale, the Attitudes toward Medical Interventions in the Timing Of Death (AMITOD) scale, the Utrecht-Management of Identity Commitments Scale (U-MICS) [applied to the domain of world-view] and background variables. The aim of this research was: a) To investigate the relationship between religion of older Dutch adults, their interpretation of death and their attitude towards end-of-life decisions and b) to investigate the relationship between experienced narrative foreclosure of older Dutch adults and their commitment towards their worldview, general self-efficacy, well-being and socio-demographic background variables. The sample consists of Dutch adults of 75 years and older (9 respondents who were still 74 when filling in the survey but who would turn 75 in the year the survey was taken were also included in the dataset).

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