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  • Nawałka

    Przeprowadzenie badań w celu analizy nad tematem pracy magisterskiej na temat "Wizerunek trenera piłki nożnej"
  • etap1

  • Korpus Karpacz2

    Korpus testowy2
  • Karpacz listy

    Korpus testowy listów do redakcji
  • Tagger SentiOne - version 2

    This is the second version of the morpho-syntactic tagger for the Polish language, adapted to UGC-processing. It has been enriched with some heuristics to improve its accuracy...
  • Tagger SentiOne - version 1

    The SentiOne tagger is a tagger for the Polish language adapted to processing of user-generated content. It was trained on the Polish UGC-corpus (prepared within the same...
  • poznan lista 2

    próba 2
  • probka lista poznan

    próba test poznań
  • EWBST tests for english

    Submission contains test generated for EWBST test of English word embedding models. Tests were created with princeton wordnet and plWN english synsts.
  • Potchefstroom demo 2.0

    Potchefstroom (North-West University)
  • Potchefstroom demo

    Test Corpus (North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa)
  • JSlisty

  • PolEval 2019 Task 1: Lemmatization of proper names and multi-word phrases — t...

    The task consists in developing a tool for lemmatization of proper names and multi-word phrases. The generated lemmas should follow the KPWr guidelines...
  • KPWr annotation guidelines - named entity and phrase lemmatization 2.0

    Guidelines for named entity and multi-word phrase lemmatization used in in KPWr (Polish Corpus of Wrocław University of Technology).
  • Speech activity annotation for a subset of the Clarin-PL studio corpus

    This is a hand-checked annotation of speech activity within a subset of the Clarin-PL studio corpus, containing 20 session with 619 recordings. This submission does not contain...
  • Assamese POS-Tagged Text

    Assamese POS tagger is a CRF++ based POS Tagger. Raw text is given to this CRF++ based POS tagger to get POS tagged data. Standard POS tagset is used. These Assamese NLP...
  • Assamese POS Tagger

    Assamese POS tagger is a CRF++ based POS Tagger. CRF++ is a customizable open source Conditional Random Fields for tagging/labeling continuos text. CRF++ is implemented for...
  • Assamese Corpus

    Assamese Corpus was developed in the NLP Lab of Gauhati University. Total size of Assamese Corpus (in terms of words) is 1.6 million (1613551 words). The Corpus is prepared...
  • Assamese Root Words

    This list comprises of Assamese root words. Size of the Assamese Root Word List is 15,750 words These Assamese NLP resources including the Tools and Applications are...
  • Assamese-English Bilingual Dictionary

    The Bilingual dictionary is created for Assamese-English.. In the Bilingual dictionary English meaning of Assamese words are given with POS of the words. These Assamese NLP...