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Keywords: text analysis

  • Research on motions as dealt with in Dutch Parliament 2009-2011

    This dataset contains the data used in the following articles: Popping, Roel (2013). "Coding issues in cognitive mapping of games." Open Journal of Political Science, 3 (1):...
  • EviDENce. How Eyewitesses report on war and violence

    EviDENce - Egodocuments Event Modelling - is een digital humanities project waarin werd gewerkt met gepubliceerde egodocumenten uit de DBNL (1559-2012) en met transcripten van...
  • Keyword Extractor

    Tool for extracting key phrases for text, using TextRank algorithm.
  • TXM_0.7.7_Win64.exe

    TXM 0.7.7 for Windows 64-bit setup file TXM is a free and open-source (GPL v3) textual corpora analysis platform. It combines five key components: a) the ability to import and...