(Table 2, Page 275) Elemental concentrations in manganese nodules used in seawater contact experiments, supplement to: Robertson, D E; Rancitelli, L A (1973): Trace element additions to seawater resulting from contact with ferromanganese nodule particles. In: Phase I Report - Inter-University Program of Research on Ferromanganese Deposits of the Ocean Floor. Seabed Assessment Program, IDOE, NSF, Washington D.C., USA, 273-277


The gross changes in concentrations of several trace elements in seawater after contact with ferro-manganese particle suspensions has been determined. Cobalt, Fe, and Zn concentrations in the seawater were greatly increased after contact with the par¬ticles. The concentrations of Rb, U, Cs, Sb, and Ag were altered to a lesser degree by this treatment. Similar results were observed where seawater was con¬tacted with suspensions of pelagic sediments. Of the trace elements measured, cobalt and iron appear to be the best elemental indicators of the presence of manganese mining effluents in the ocean. The addi¬tions of the essential elements Co, Fe and Zn toge¬ther with nutrients from the bottom waters may pro¬duce increased biological productivity. However, the toxic trace metals, such as Hg, Cu and Cd which could enter ocean water from the nodules and sedi¬ment and which may be high in effluent-affected areas should be investigated before conclusions as to the likely impact can be reached. Trace element analysis of seawater samples collected at a Pacific Ocean manganese nodule dredging site showed high t race element concentrations, but these are believed to have resulted from contamination during sample collection or storage rather than from the dredging operations.

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