(Supplement) CODD individual core images, revised offsets and splice intervals of ODP Site 154-929, supplement to: Wilkens, Roy H; Westerhold, Thomas; Drury, Anna Joy; Lyle, Mitchell W; Gorgas, T J; Tian, Jun (2017): Revisiting the Ceara Rise, equatorial Atlantic Ocean: isotope stratigraphy of ODP Leg 154 from 0 to 5 Ma. Climate of the Past, 13(7), 779-793


These files contain individual core images generated from core box photos using the Code for Ocean Drilling Data (CODD) software set. There are PNG images with mcd depth scales attached for use in graphics programs as well as scaled Igor binary images for use with CODD. MCD depths are from the offsets.

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Creator Lyle, Mitchell W;Westerhold, Thomas;Wilkens, Roy H;Tian, Jun;Gorgas, T J;Drury, Anna Joy
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Publication Year 2017
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Spatial Coverage (4 N-6 N,44W-43W)
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