Mediagedrag van een allochtoon kind 1989 Media exposure of ethnic children 1989

Role of the media in staying informed about life in native country and in the Netherlands / appreciate most being informed via radio or television or books or newspapers etc. / ( frequency of ) listening to radio, listening to particular station and particular programs / listening to 'Medelanders Nederlanders' / listening to pirate stations / ( frequency of ) watching television ( video ) / talking to others about tv programs / particular programs not allowed to watch: reasons why not / what tv program r ( dis )likes most / list of programs: knowing the program, watching the program, understanding the program / opinion about subtitling / knowing tv program 'Paspoort': watching it, is it interesting, useful / other programs for ethnic people ? / watching 'Medelanders Nederlanders' / watching 'Nachbarn in Europa' on ZDF / local tv programs for ethnic people / watching other tv stations besides Nederland 1,2,3 / would like tv-programs on specific ( list ) topics / reading, writing, talking ethnic language and dutch / ever been back to native country / the feeling of being Dutch or not / ( frequency of ) reading per week / reading in Dutch or other language / visits to public library / reading newspapers / reading about ( list ) specific topics in newspapers / asked for preferring to do specific ( list ) activities / visiting movie theatre / when grown-up, preferred profession. Background variables: basic characteristics/ place of birth/ residence/ household characteristics/ education/ consumption of durables/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure

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Publication Year 2007
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