Tab. 1 Analyses of major phases in Vestgötabreen formation schists, supplement to: Manby, G M (1978): Aspects of Caledonian metarnorphism in central western Svalbard with particular reference to the Glaucophane schists of Oscar II Land. Polarforschung, 48(1/2), 92-102


The glaucophane schists of Oscar II Land, it has been suggested, originated in a compressive plate boundary subduction zone environment. An alternative hypothesis is presented here linking the metamorphism of these schists with that of the surrounding pre-Carboniferous rocks. It has been estimated from mineralogical and textural relationships that at the time of metamorphism these rocks exceeded 30 km in thickness. Similarly, an ambient geothermal gradient of 15° C/km has been calculated for the now exposed succession. Pressures of sufficient magnitude would be realised near the base of this geosynclinal pile to produce eclogite from rocks of basic composition. Subsequent synmetamorphic penetrative deformation would give rise to glaucophane and greenschist facies assemblages.

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