Pteleopsis myrtifolia (Laws.) Engl. & Diels

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Scanned files by OCR:P LD4532807 tä ..J TANZANIA CUMBRETACEAE Pteleops1s myrtlfolla (M A Lawson) Engl & Dlel det G Massawe, 1999 Morogoro K1lombero D1str1ct Tb Mang’ula Vlllage Udzungwa Mountalns Natlonal Park at camp51te

3 Troplcal raln forest w1th dry

fallen leaves and brown grasses durlng drought 07°50 48 S 036°50 88 E 315 m Tree to ca 15 m hlgh Bark grey brown, flowers aromatlc, perlanth cream, fllaments whlte; anthers Hab yellow, fru1t pale green when full "uul"! grown, brown when dry p 11 January 1999 HERBARIUM MUSE! PARIS/ENSIS ier Museum Paris \ ||||\|\\ |||\| 05044896 G Massawe 130 MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDEN HERBARIUM (MD)

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