CoDoSiS test files Test files generated for the project "Combining Data on slavery in Surinam" (CoDoSiS) Test files generated for the project "Combining Data on slavery in Surinam" (CoDoSiS)


This data collection comprises a set of test files developed in the CoDoSiS project of the CLARIAH program. The project ‘Combining Data on slavery in Surinam’ (CoDoSiS) aimed to develop a strategy to convert existing datasets on Surinam slavery into Linked Data by using the CLARIAH wp4-tool Cows and to combine them into one database network with relevant connections using the CLARIN-tool TICCL. This collection contains the test files that were used in the project.

The test files are subsets of the complete datasets of the complete registers focussed around the year 1846 and were used to test the two issues defined above in the CoDoSiS project.

Included in the collection are:

  • Slavenregisters_Picturae_plantages_1846 (TICCL and LOD)
  • Slavenregisters_Everaert_1846 (TICCL and LOD)
  • Monsterrol_Catharina_Sophia_1846 (TICCL and LOD)
  • Slavenregisters_Picturae_eigenaren_1846 (TICCL)
  • Wijkregisters_Paramaribo_1846 (TICCL)
  • Surinaamsche_almanak_plantages_1846 (LOD)
  • Surinaamsche_almanak_personen_1846 (TICCL)
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