Analysis of Manganese deposits from the Atlantic and Indian oceans, supplement to: Moore, Willard S (1973): Accumulation rates of manganese crusts on rocks exposed on the sea floor. In: Phase I Report - Inter-University Program of Research on Ferromanganese Deposits of the Ocean Floor. Seabed Assessment Program, IDOE, NSF, Washington D.C., USA, 93-96


Accumulation rates of 1-2 mm/million years are reported for manganese crusts on deep-sea rocks. These rates are the same as most reported accretion rates for manganese nodules suggesting a similar mechanism for this formation. Manganese crusts on large deep-sea rocks provide convincing evidence that net sediment accumulation in these areas has been zero for many millions of years.

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Spatial Coverage (-61.417W, -57.067S, 50.817E, 15.340N); Atlantic Ocean; Indian Ocean
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