Underway fCO2 measurements off NW Africa during POSEIDON cruise POS399 in June 2010


SST was taken from the ship's thermosalinograph (Seabird SBE21 with an external SBE38). Data were only recorded until 17. June. SST data after 17. June were estimated from an linear relation between equilibrator temp and SST (SST(calc) = 1.0269 x equT - 0.983).SSS was measured with a thermosalinograph from Seabird (SBE21) which was calibrated approximately every 6 months. Again SSS were only recorded until 17. June. Afterwards SSS data were taken from World Ocean Atlas (2005).References:Pierrot, D., Neill, C., Sullivan, K., Castle, R., Wanninkhof, R., Lüger, H., Johannessen, T., Olsen, A., Feely, R. A., and Cosca, C. E. (2009). Recommendations for autonomous underway pCO2 measuring systems and data reduction routines. Deep-Sea Res. II , 56, 512_522.Steinhoff, T. (2010). Carbon and nutrient fluxes in the North Atlantic Ocean. Dissertation. http://eldiss.uni-kiel.de/macau/receive/dissertation_diss_00005704

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Spatial Coverage (-20.522W, 17.994S, -16.498E, 25.000N); Eastern Tropical North Atlantic
Temporal Coverage Begin 2010-06-07T21:08:13Z
Temporal Coverage End 2010-06-15T22:13:35Z