Analysis of manganese crusts from Galapagos, supplement to: Moore, Willard S; Vogt, Peter R (1976): Hydrothermal manganese crusts from two sites near the Galapagos spreading axis. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 29(2), 349-356


Manganese oxide crusts similar to those reported from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rift valley by Scott et al., 1974 ( were dredged at two sites near the Galapagos spreading axis on ocean floor estimated from magnetic anomalies to be 2.4 and 0.3 m.y. old. Compared to the typical ocean-floor manganese deposits attributed to precipitation from seawater, the 2-6 cm thick manganese crusts reported here exhibit very low Fe/Mn and low 232Th/238U ratios, as well as lower transition metal and higher manganese concentrations. The manganese crusts were deposited several orders of magnitude faster than the more common hydrogenous nodules; this fact together with other geochemical characteristics and the geophysical environment suggests the manganese deposits reported here are of hydrothermal origin.

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