2010 Active Layer Detachment (ALD) Trace Gas Fluxes, Cape Bounty

Trace gas fluxes were measured by collecting gas samples from two sites within four ALDs. Gas samples were collected using opaque static chambers at 0, 5, 15, 30 and 45 minutes to measure gas accumulation. Samples were collected approximately every 5 days beginning June 26th and ending August 12th. Concurrent to each CO2 measurement, air pressure, air temperature, wind speed were monitored. Soil temperature, soil moisture and active layer depth were also measured. Soil temperature was recorded at a depth of 10cm using a Taylor model 9878 digital thermometer. Soil moisture was measured to a depth of 10cm using a Delta-T ML2X ThetaProbe. Active layer was measured using steel probe marked with 10cm increments. Static chambers are placed on top of previously inserted 20cm diameter, 10cm tall PVC pipes with up to 6cm above ground. Samples were analyzed for CO2, CH4 and N2O concentrations using a gas chromatograph (CP 3800, Varian, CA) equipped with an electron capture detector (ECD) using a Ar/CH4 carrier gas at 30 cc/min to measure N2O and a flame-ionization detector and methanizer to measure CO2 and CH4 operated at 300 oC and 350 oC respectively, using a He carrier gas at 30mL min-1. Gas separation was obtained using a Hayshep N 80/100 pre-column (0.32cm diam. X 50cm length) and Poropak QS 80/100 mesh analytical columns (0.32cm diam. X 200cm length) in a column oven maintained at 50 oC.

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Spatial Coverage (-109.500W, 74.900S, -109.500E, 74.900N)
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