Northern Manitoba Regional Snow Survey for AMSR-E Field Validation

Snow water equivalent (SWE), depth, and density measurements are available from an approximately 500 km sampling transect across northern Manitoba, between the communities of Thompson, Gillam, and Churchill. Sampling occurred at 10 km intervals between Thompson and Gillam, and approximately 15 km intervals between Gillam and Churchill. An initial survey was conducted in late November 2003, with all sites revisited in early March 2004. The data provided at this time are depth, density, and SWE averages and standard deviations for each site, derived from 30 point depth measurements, and 5 ESC-30 snow core measurements.

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Creator Dr. Chris Derksen
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Publication Year 2013
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Language English
Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (56N-58N,98W-93W)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2003-11-28T11:59:59Z
Temporal Coverage End 2004-03-08T11:59:59Z