Major element and cadmium contents in phosphorites from Pacific seamounts, supplement to: Baturin, Gleb N; Oreshkin, Valentin N (1984): Cadmium in phosphorites from Pacific seamounts. Litologiya i Poleznyye Iskopaemyye (Lithology and Mineral Resources), 19(4), 114-117


Cadmium contents in studied rocks from Pacific seamounts usually lower than both in biogenic-diagenetic shelf phosphorites and in pelagic sedimentatary-diagenetic Fe-Mn nodules. In general, the behavior of Cd in phosphorites, phosphatized rocks and iron-manganese-phosphate crusts from the seamounts shows that phosphorus, iron, and manganese are apparently of normal sedimentary origin.

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Creator Baturin, Gleb N; Oreshkin, Valentin N
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Publication Year 1984
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Spatial Coverage (-157.350W, -12.910S, 152.217E, 32.283N); Central Pacific; Pacific Ocean; Central Basin, Pacific Ocean; Manihiki Plateau, Pacific Ocean
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