Biological, physical and chemical characteristics of water and sediment samples from the Volga River delta, northern Caspian, supplement to: Anikiev, V V; Rusakov, Valery Yu; Kolesov, Gennady M (2009): Estimation of the scale of spatiotemporal variability in the lithological and geochemical characteristics of suspended particulate matter and bottom sediments at the mouth of the Volga River and the adjacent zone of the Northern Caspian. Geochemistry International, 47(5), 485-503


Based on the data of synchronous observations of hydrophysical and biogeochemical parameters in the near-mouth and shallow-water areas of the northern Caspian in 2000-2001, the scale of spatiotemporal variability in the following characteristics of the water-bottom system was estimated (1) flow velocity and direction within vortex structures formed by the combined effect of wind, discharge current, and the presence of higher aquatic plants; (2) dependence of the spatial distribution of the content and composition of suspended particulate matter on the hydrodynamic regime of waters and development of phytoplankton; (3) variations in the grain-size, petrographic, mineralogical, and chemical compositions of the upper layer of bottom sediments at several sites in the northern Caspian related to the particular local combination of dominant natural processes; and (4) limits of variability in the group composition of humus compounds in bottom sediments. The acquired data are helpful in estimating the geochemical consequences of a sea level rise and during the planning of preventive environmental protection measures in view of future oil and gas recovery in this region.

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