GAVO Data Center TAP service

The GAVO Data Center's TAP end point.
The Table Access Protocol (TAP) lets you execute queries against our database tables, inspect various metadata, and upload your own data.

    In GAVO's data center, we in particular hold several large
    catalogs like PPMXL, 2MASS PSC, USNO-B2, UCAC4, WISE, SDSS DR7, for
    you to use in crossmatches, possibly with uploaded tables.

    Tables exposed through this endpoint include: main from the gps1 schema, data, ssa_time_series from the bgds schema, plates, rawplates from the potsdam schema, data from the toss schema, data from the theossa schema, epn_core from the titan schema, objects, photpar from the sasmirala schema, sources from the sdssdr7 schema, plates, wolfpalisa from the lsw schema, main from the dmubin schema, data, platecorrs, plates, ppmxcross, spurious, twomasscross from the usnob schema, data from the flare_survey schema, main from the lspm schema, main from the hsoy schema, dr2, dr3, dr4, main from the rave schema, nucand from the icecube schema, data from the openngc schema, exts from the mcextinct schema, data from the ppmx schema, sources from the supercosmos schema, alt_identifier, authorities, capability, interface, intf_param, registries, relationship, res_date, res_detail, res_role, res_schema, res_subject, res_table, resource, stc_redshift, stc_spatial, stc_spectral, stc_temporal, table_column, validation from the rr schema, main from the auger schema, main from the wise schema, main from the tgas schema, data from the antares10 schema, data from the polcatsmc schema, data from the inflight schema, main from the urat1 schema, meta from the carsarcs schema, main from the hipparcos schema, geocounts, measurements, stations from the lightmeter schema, main, photometry from the gdr2mock schema, gfh, id, identified, master, nid, unidentified from the arigfh schema, main from the annisred schema, archives, main from the wfpdb schema, main, stars from the mwsce14a schema, data from the hiicounter schema, data from the danish schema, rawframes from the liverpool schema, epn_core, mpcorb from the mpc schema, data from the gcpms schema, images, srccat from the cars schema, images, photons from the rosat schema, data from the plts schema, map10, map6, map7, map8, map9, map_union from the prdust schema, main from the hppunion schema, main, stars from the mwsc schema, events, photpoints, timeseries from the k2c9vst schema, bibrefs, maps, masers, monitor from the ohmaser schema, data from the zcosmos schema, main from the smakced schema, cat from the browndwarfs schema, data from the antares schema, stripe82 from the vlastripe82 schema, data from the fornax schema, columns, services, tables from the glots schema, dr1, dr2_ts_ssa, dr2epochflux, dr2light from the gaia schema, data from the obscode schema, katkat from the katkat schema, main from the ucac4 schema, main from the taptest schema, icrscorr, main, ppmxlcross from the ucac3 schema, data, ordersmeta from the flashheros schema, main from the ucac5 schema, main, usnocorr from the ppmxl schema, data from the twomass schema, main from the arihip schema, data from the feros schema, columns, groups, key_columns, keys, schemas, tables from the tap_schema schema, main from the emi schema, cubes, fluxposv1200, fluxposv500, fluxv1200, fluxv500, objects, spectra from the califadr3 schema, plates from the kapteyn schema, main from the spm4 schema, data from the plc2 schema, rawframes from the maidanak schema, data from the boydende schema, data from the veronqsos schema, data from the plc schema, cubes, slitspectra from the mlqso schema, nucand from the amanda schema, emptyobscore, obscore from the ivoa schema, fk6join, part1, part3 from the fk6 schema, frames from the apo schema.

Additional Info

Field Value
Creator GAVO Data Center
B2FINDVersion 2.4.0
Discipline Not stated
PublicationYear 2018
Publisher The GAVO DC team