Characterization of aquatic microbial community composition, community dynamics and metabolic potential of microbes throughout the Lake Hazen watershed

To determine microbial community composition and their potential activities in freshwater systems throughout the Lake Hazen watershed (81N; 71W), triplicate samples were taken from: i) snowpacks present on ice-covered Lake Hazen and the nearby landscape just prior to spring melt; ii) snow melt streams in spring, iii) permafrost thaw streams and the waterbodies they drain into, including small lakes and wetland areas, during the summer; iv) glacial rivers; and v) the Lake Hazen water-column in the spring prior to incoming summer runoff and the same water-column in the summer at the height of runoff. Proposed research in spring 2017 will address objectives i), ii) and part of v), which continues work completed in the summer season of 2016 where objectives iii), iv) and part of v) were assessed. During summer 2016, water samples were collected from each specified site and filtered through a 0.2µm membrane to collect microbes. Total DNA will be extracted from these samples and samples to be collected in 2017 using the Powersoil DNA extraction kit. From this, microbial diversity will be determined using Next Generation Sequencing technology targeting 16S rRNA genes. Bioinformatic software such as MOTHUR will be used to assess microbial community dynamics, whereas PICRUST (Phylogenetic Investigation of Communities by Reconstruction of Unobserved States) software will be used to assess metabolic potential of these communities in conjunction with contemporary environmental data including water chemistry.

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