Lithology, biostratigraphy, and geochemistry of the Black Sea sediments, DSDP Leg 42 (pt. 2) data, supplement to: Neprochnov, Yuri P; et al. (1980): Geological History of the Black Sea: Results of Deep-Sea Drilling. Moscow, Nauka Publ. (Yu.P. Neprochnov, Ed.), 212 pp.


The monograph presents results of deep-sea drilling in the Black Sea carried out in 1975. Detailed lithological, biostratigraphic and geochemical studies of Miocene-Holocene sediments have been carried out by specialists from institutes of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University and other organizations. Drilling results are compared with geophysical data. Geological history of the Black Sea basin is considered as well.

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Creator Kuptsov, Vladimir M;Mukhina, Valentina V;Zhigunov, Alexander S;Krylov, Alexey A;Ivanova, Tanzilya R;Trimonis, Egidius S;Shneider, G F;Moskalev, Anatoly S;Zhuse, Anastasiya P;Shimkus, Kazimir M;Chernova, Tatyana G;Geodekyan, Artyom A
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Publication Year 1980
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