Lokale democratie en bestuurlijke vernieuwing 1991 Local democracy and administrative renewal in seven Dutch municipalities 1991

Search to explain the low voting participation in municipal elections. Duration of residence in community / location of friends and relatives / political participation with distinction to local and national politics / motivation of voting behaviour in particular non-participation / importance of voting / friends, relatives active in local politics / party preference (local and national) / political interest / left-right self rating / political attitudes / local versus national politics / having conversations about local politics / performance of local authorities / impact of local policy to r.' s daily life / sense of being informed / most important local problem / perception of differences among local parties / local political efficacy / attitude towards local civil servants / knowledge of the names of the mayor and aldermen (-women) / satisfaction with the role of the national government / impact of national politics to r.'s daily life / national political efficacy / attitude towards parliament / experiences with municipal services / contacts with local civil servants / evaluation of political activities or participation done by respondent / involvement with neighbourhood / satisfaction with specific aspects of neighbourhood / being active in local and non-local organizations / attitude to some aspects of administrative renewal, referendum and opinion polls / importance of means to find out what is going on in r.'s municipality, making use of these means / satisfaction with and image of r.'s municipality / in addition: separate questions specific for each municipality on local political issues. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ place of work/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ politics/ religion/ organizational membership

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