Seawater carbonate chemistry and community calcification during Miyako Island (Japan) coral reef studies, 1994, supplement to: Suzuki, A; Nakamori, T; Kayanne, Hajime (1995): The mechanism of production enhancement in coral reef carbonate systems: model and empirical results. Sedimentary Geology, 99(3-4), 259-280


Coral reefs are characterized by enormous carbonate production of the organisms. It is known that rapid calcification is linked to photosynthesis under control of the carbonate equilibrium in seawater. We have established a model simulating the coexisting states of photosynthesis and calcification in order to examine the effects of photosynthesis and calcification on the carbonate system in seawater. Supposing that the rates of photosynthesis and calcification are proportional to concentrations of their inorganic carbon source, the model calculations indicate that three kinds of unique interactions of the organic and inorganic carbon productions are expected. These are photosynthetic enhancement of calcification, calcification which benefits photosynthesis and carbonate dissolution induced by respiration. The first effect appears when the photosynthetic rate is more than approximately 1.2 larger than that of calcification. This effect is caused by the increase of CO3 content and carbonate saturation degree in seawater. If photosynthesis use molecular carbon dioxide, the second effect occurs when the calcification rate is more than approximately 1.6 times larger than that of photosynthesis. Time series model experiments indicate that photosynthesis and calcification potentially enhance each other and that organic and inorganic carbon is produced more efficiently in the coexisting system than in the isolated reactions.

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Creator Ito, Hiroshi;Casareto, Beatriz E;Taki, Masahito;Kayanne, Hajime;Suzuki, Yoshimi;Yoshida, Katsumi;Suzuki, A;Okabayashi, Tetsuo;Hiraga, Tetsuo;Yamada, Koichi;Nakashima, Norihir;Nakamori, T
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