Cell counts of Azadinium spinosum, Azadinium poporum and Amphidoma languida during POLARSTERN cruise PS92, UTHÖRN cruise UTH16 and various HEINCKE cruises to the eastern North Atlantic between 2015 and 2019


The data represent species counts (cells L-1) of the three AZA-producing dinoflagellate species Azadinium spinosum, Az. poporum and Amphidoma languida (all members of the taxonomic family Amphidomataceae) of water samples taken during in total six different field expeditions on several research vessels (RV Heincke, RV Uthörn, RV Polarstern) and on in total five stationary sampling stations (Scapa Flow/Scotland, Cuxhaven/Germany, Helgoland/Germany, Wilhelmshaven/Germany, Sylt/Germany) between 2015 and 2019. The water samples have been taken using Niskin bottles (on research vessels attached to a CTD). After DNA extraction, the species cell numbers have been calculated by quantitative PCR (qPCR) analysis using respective standard curves. These samples gained from different geographical areas in the eastern North Atlantic have been analyzed as part of the RIPAZA Project (funded by the German BMBF; in cooperation with the Third Institute of Oceanography, Xiamen/China) and the results are presented and discussed in the doctoral thesis of Stephan Wietkamp (Suppl.Tab.S6, Suppl.Tab.S7). Aim of the project and especially of this data set was to provide first reference data on the biogeography (geographical distribution and seasonality) of toxigenic Amphidomataceae in the eastern North Atlantic.

Cell number calculation based on mean CT value of three technical replicates

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